Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning issued the following statement in reaction to breaking news out of the Pentagon where Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said he “doesn’t have the capacity to escort stranded Americans to Kabul Airport.”

“This is grounds for the impeachment of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. The Pentagon budget for 2021 is $705.4 billion.  The only reason the Defense Department exists is to protect American interests abroad and secure our borders…Now it appears saving American lives in a country where Austin played a major role in botching the withdrawal is beyond his ability.

“The British are getting their people out because their Prime Minister has the will to get it done. The only thing missing from the Biden Pentagon is the willingness to use our vast military capabilities. The problem with the entire failed Biden team is that they lack the will to protect thousands of American lives, not to mention tens of thousands of in-country allies.  If the Department of Defense won’t respond in this situation, I cannot imagine one where they would respond.

“The message to the world is clear, if America won’t protect her own citizens, she certainly cannot be counted on to protect anyone else’s.”


One thought on “Calls grow to impeach Defense Secretary after Biden leaves Americans and allies to Taliban

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