Senate Budget Committee Ranking Member Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) spoke on the Senate floor ahead of the “vote-a-rama” on the Democrats’ fiscal year 2022 budget resolution, which paves the way for more government, more taxes and higher prices.

  •  GRAHAM: “The question I have for my Democratic colleagues: how much will gas prices go up if this bill becomes a reality? How much will your heating bill go up because you shut down supply? How has there been an increase of a dollar at the pump? Policy matters. I dare say that if this bill ever is implemented, you’re going to double gas prices. I hope you’re listening out there, America – if they implement this radical transformation of our energy economy, you’re going to have a dramatic increase of gas prices and heating prices. This is the worst thought out idea I’ve ever seen. They’re just throwing every liberal idea and hoping it sticks to the wall.”
  • GRAHAM: “We’ve had a 5.4 percent increase in inflation recently, wiping out all the gains in the economy. How can that be? You’re spending money like drunken sailors, and if this bill ever becomes law, if it’s ever implemented, and there’s a border-adjusted carbon tax, it’s going to be passed on to the consumer. If you’re on a fixed income, this whole idea is a nightmare for you because your gas prices are going to go up, your heating bill is going to go up, and all the things that they’re going to make for free will create an inflationary effect.”
  • GRAHAM: “So if you own a home, if you drive a car, if you breath air – get ready for more taxes and more spending.”
  • GRAHAM: “You’re putting in motion, I think, the demise of America as we know it. You’re putting in motion a government that nobody’s grandchild can ever afford to pay. You’re putting in motion the destruction of energy independence. You’ve declared war on the fossil fuel industry in this country, and you’ve not done a damn thing about China, India, Russia, or Iran.”

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