U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) joined the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show to discuss the Democrat power-grabs regarding lockdowns, border, and the budget.

Democrats Want A Permanent Pandemic

“The left likes lockdowns because it gives them control. They would like to have a permanent pandemic. They would like to keep you in that state so you’re dependent on them. Look at the bills that are coming through. What are they trying to do? Make people dependent on the federal government by taking more money out of your pocket, having it go to Washington, D.C., go to programs that will have outlived their usefulness by the time our kids and grandkids have to start paying this bill.”

Biden’s Tax And Spending Spree Must End

“If you were to start at George Washington and go to George W. Bush, the day he left office, the debt was at $10.6 trillion. That was too much for me, but that’s what the nation’s debt was. Then during Obama’s term as president, basically, we doubled that number. They literally ran the numbers off the credit card…. Now, Biden is pushing us to $30 trillion in debt, and he has been in office for six months. This is something our children and grandchildren are going to be paying for.”

Source: Sen. Marsha Blackburn


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