In response to recent spending proposals and the historically high federal deficit and debt, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) spoke against uncontrolled federal spending.

Sen. Lee said, “For a long time, I and others have talked about how this will affect our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren down the road. And this will be a real consequence: They will in fact be saddled with debt they have not incurred, and forced to pay for it. The consequences, however, are no longer something we are facing in the distant future – but also what we are facing today. They’ve caught up to us. …

I vote ‘no’ when I see how the consequences will affect those I represent in real, everyday life – not just the intended consequences of legislation that might indeed have a good goal, but the unintended consequences also. I vote ‘no’ if it will mean saying ‘yes’ to what really matters, what really counts, for making everyday life better for Utahns and hardworking Americans across the country.” Sen. Lee continued, “It will be little comfort to the poor and middle class who feel the buying power of their paycheck shrink each week, that politicians can vote ‘yes’ on large spending packages for short-term political gain.”


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