As the Louisiana State Legislature announces its first ever veto session, gun owners in the Sportsman’s Paradise rejoice at the possibility of an override of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ veto of Constitutional Carry (SB118). Joshua Barnhill, Louisiana Director for Gun Owners of America, commented:

Gun owners have already made history this legislative session by working to pass Constitutional Carry out of committee for the first time ever and seeing it go all the way to the Governor’s desk with bipartisan, veto-proof support. Now, the legislature has the historic opportunity to override Gov. Edwards’ foolish veto of SB118 and restore the rights of gun owners.

Despite Gov. Edwards’ corrupt tactics such as offering deals and threatening representatives, Gun Owners of America and our members are working hard to ensure that the veto-proof majority that voted for Constitutional Carry remain firm in this override session.

Because Louisianans deserve the ability to defend themselves without government intrusion — as twenty-one other states allow — GOA will continue to keep up the political pressure until Constitutional Carry is law in the Pelican State.


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