House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member James Comer (R-Ky.) and Republican lawmakers wrote the White House Counsel’s Office and the National Archives and Records Administration demanding documentation and communications related to the Biden family’s efforts to profit from proximity to the White House. 

“Reports regarding President Biden’s family members attempting to profit from their proximity to the White House have been disturbing and recurring. Unfortunately, these reports of President Biden using his former official positions of public trust to swell the coffers of his family members are widespread, and any hope the pattern of family self-dealing would finally stop when he assumed the presidency has been dashed,” wrote Ranking Member Comer and the Republican lawmakers.

In the letters, the Republicans outlined several incidents of concern from President Biden’s current position and from his time as Vice President, including the most recent surge in Hunter Biden’s art sales; President Biden’s sister’s, Valerie Biden Owens, intent to publish a book detailing her time as “The Joe Biden Whisperer”; and President Biden’s brother, Frank Biden, using his relationship with the President in advertising for the law firm he advises. 

The Biden family’s actions during the Obama-Biden Administration are similarly concerning and reveal a potential pattern of using the White House for profit. For example, in 2011 Frank Biden used the Biden name and connection to then-Vice President Biden to his advantage. In 2013, Hunter Biden flew on Air Force 2 with then-Vice President Biden to China as he worked on forming a Chinese private equity fund. And in 2016, then-Vice President Biden flew his son Hunter Biden and his business associate on Air Force 2 to Mexico where Hunter and his associate conducted business.

In order to conduct oversight of the Biden family from profiting off the White House, the Republican lawmakers are requesting:

  • Communications and documents surrounding two international trips from the Obama-Biden Administration in which Biden family members and associates seemingly took advantage of a connection to the Oval Office; 
  • A list of all past and ongoing foreign business interests and relations for Biden family members;
  • All documents and communications regarding Hunter Biden’s artwork;
  • All Biden family members’ appearance in advertisements, public speaking, or in any nature to solicit business/investments/awareness; and
  • All policies and procedures the White House has to prevent the Biden family from profiting off the presidency. 

The full letter to Dana Remus, Counsel to the President, is available here

The full letter to Archivist of the United States David Ferriero is available here.


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