Gun Owners of America (GOA) responds to Pres. Joe Biden’s meeting with local law enforcement, elected leaders, and New York City Democratic mayoral Nominee Eric Adams on his strategy to reduce so-called “gun crimes.”

Aidan Johnston, Director of Federal Affairs for GOA, had this to say following the meeting:

“Biden’s latest crime-reduction strategy promises federal tax dollars to stem violence in high crime areas. But where is the money actually going?

“Your money is going to the wealthiest city in the world—in the words of New York City’s next likely mayor Eric Adams—to fund the ‘anti-gun [police] unit.’

“Biden’s gun control policies make one wonder if they originated from George Orwell’s, 1984—with advisors such as Adams advocating for ‘bag checks’ upon entering New York City and eliminating the right to ‘walk into a gun shop… and walk out with a gun.’

“More gun control will only make more victims. Instead, our elected officials ought to empower the American people to exercise their right to self-defense.”


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