On the 100-year anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Education and Labor Committee Republican Leader Virginia Foxx spoke with Fox News to explain how the CCP is using money and influence to control American higher education. 
While the CCP’s attempts to infiltrate colleges and universities appear innocuous – a Chinese language institute, money to teach Chinese culture, funding for research – the end goal is to shape American perceptions of its human rights-denying regime. The Chinese government steals our research, buys our professors, and then blurs the lines between our freedoms and its totalitarian control.
In Case You Missed It via Fox News, Republican Leader Foxx explained why universities are vulnerable to CCP attacks and what is at stake if we let it overtake our higher education systems.

Columbia professor who thanked Fauci for Wuhan lab messaging has links to Chinese Communist Party members

Rep. Fitzpatrick and Foxx discuss China’s influence on U.S. universities

By: Joe Schoffstall
July 1, 2021

(Fox News) – …China conducts numerous influence campaigns within the United States, including targeting institutes of higher learning…
“I would say it’s been going on for a couple of years, very, very subtly with the Confucius Institutes that were widespread in the country,” Foxx added. “Some of us have raised the issue many years ago – probably 10, 12 years ago – about our concern with the Confucius Institutes. It’s taken a while for people to start paying attention to it, but we believe they are trying to change the way Americans think about China. They’re very subversive. They’ve changed their name now to Chinese Cultural and Language Institutes and they claim they’re teaching the Chinese language.”
“One of the things we’re concerned about is the Chinese trying to make American students believe that the communists in China are good people,” Foxx said. “They want them to believe that the culture in China is good, and we know the culture of China is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party – and that is definitely not good for Americans.”
… As China pours significant sums into universities across the United States to expand its influence, its actual cash totals remain unknown.
A Department of Education probe into universities last year found $6 billion in unreported funds from foreign countries, including China.
Read the full Fox News article and watch the video here

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