Rep. Lauren Boebert (CO-03) stood up for American mines and against child labor at a Natural Resources Committee forum on critical minerals and supply chains.

Rep. Boebert stated: “By advancing their radical Green New Deal policies, Democrats are waging war against American mining jobs and enabling child and slave labor in the Congo. I am sick of seeing woke corporations like Apple and Microsoft virtue signal by lobbying for policies that destroy American jobs and then turn around and purchase minerals that are stained by the blood of children working in unsafe conditions in third world countries.”

See Rep. Boebert’s statement HERE.


Nearly 40,000 children are estimated to be mining cobalt with their bare hands in the Democratic Republic of the Congo right now. Working in such unsafe conditions, they are no strangers to tragedy. In September of 2019, 50 miners in the Congo lost their lives and drowned to death after a heavy rain filled their mineshaft. The cobalt that they mine is sold to Chinese companies who then sell it to big tech companies to produce phones, laptops, and televisions.

If we implement the radical Green New Deal, the International Energy Agency estimates that production of lithium, cobalt, nickel, and other critical minerals must increase by 3000% by 2040. Instead of supporting environmentally responsible and safe domestic mining, Democrats and “not in my backyard” extremists would rather outsource our critical minerals to unsafe mines in China and the Congo.

Democrats claim that their radical environmental policies support human rights and work for “climate justice,” but in reality, they support the evil practice of child labor, environmental degradation, and human suffering in third world countries. The Green New Deal’s inconsistent goals of switching over everything to electricity while also banning domestic mining of critical minerals is unsustainable, irresponsible, and unethical. 

Instead of pushing a radical and inconsistent environmental ideology, Rep. Boebert is proud to put American jobs first, support an all-of-the-above approach to energy development, and stand against international human rights abuses. Just a few years ago, this would be a bipartisan stance, but now, radical enviros have taken over the Democratic party.


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