A year into the Trump presidency, and Republicans are in serious trouble.

Other than a tax cut, Trump has accomplished nothing on his agenda.  Even worse, Republicans in Virginia suffered the worst losses in that state’s political history, with voters saying they did it to send a message to Trump.

But Republicans have been clinging to hope, specifically the belief an improved economy will boost voter support for Trump, and by extension any candidate tied to him.

Well, the numbers are coming in.

And it’s bad news for the GOP.

A Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday finds voters believe the economy is growing.

“A total of 66 percent of American voters say the nation’s economy is “excellent” or “good,” up from 63 percent December 19 and the highest positive rating for the economy since the Quinnipiac University Poll first asked this question in 2001,” the poll reports.

Further, “A total of 73 percent of voters say their personal financial situation is “excellent” or “good.”

That should mean skyrocketing poll numbers for Trump and the GOP, right?


“But 49 percent of voters say former President Barack Obama is more responsible for the state of the economy, while 40 percent say Trump is more responsible,” Quinnipiac reports.

And it gets worse.

“Only 24 percent of voters say Trump policies are helping their personal financial situation, while 26 percent say his policies are hurting them and 47 percent say his policies are not making a difference.”

Voters believe the economy is good.  Voters know Trump cut their taxes.  But they don’t believe that tax cut, or anything Trump did, is responsible.

The economy is improving, but the rate of recovery really hasn’t changed much under Trump.  Unemployment rates continue to fall at roughly the same rate they did under Obama.

Voters are also more aware the economy is largely steered by global events, and less by who is President.  With voters souring on Trump, they’re more likely to see an improved economy as the result of increased foreign trade than political voodoo.

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