Back in 2014 we introduced five resolutions, ordering the Justice Department, White House, FEC, Treasury and Defense Department to turn over any and all emails in their possession that were to or from Lois Lerner.
Thousands of emails from Lerner were missing and without them, it would be harder to prosecute her.
Since top DoJ officials Richard Pilger, Jack Smith and Raymond Hulser were also criminally implicated, DoJ wasn’t trying too hard to find them. Agencies knew DoJ wouldn’t lift a finger to prosecute them should emails pop up later, because senior DoJ officials would be going to prison with her.
My idea was, by issuing orders from the House, if any emails popped up later the House could order those agency heads arrested for contempt. That would leave agencies had no choice but to turn over everything, because they no longer had DoJ to protect them.
We included DoD because I knew the NSA was monitoring and tracking emails from .gov addresses, since they didn’t need a warrant.
With five added layers of accountability, which themselves were independent of the DoJ, Lerner would be held accountable.
As I predicted, House Republicans killed our resolutions.
As I predicted, the DoJ and Treasury intentionally didn’t search for many of her missing emails.
As I predicted, the DoJ protected Lerner and let her get away with it.
As I predicted, putting The Swamp in charge of prosecuting a leech resulted in nothing.
Lerner got away with illegally targeting political opponents because the House failed to do their job.

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