To honor the memory of those who have been killed and the Yezidi women and girls still held in captivity, the Free Yezidi Foundation and the American Ezidi Center will hold a candlelight vigil in Washington, DC.
Thursday, 3 August, 2017
8:00 pm
Concerned citizens are invited to join the event and light their candles to show their solidarity with the Yezidi community. Please bring a candle to light.
Pari Ibrahim
Founder and Executive Director
Free Yezidi Foundation
Abu Ali
American Ezidi Center
Naomi Kikoler
Deputy Director of the Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Other speakers to be determined
On 3 August 2014, ISIS terrorists overran the town of Sinjar (Shingal), carrying out a pre-meditated plan of mass murder, violence, kidnapping, rape, and other crimes against the Yezidi civilians because of their religion. The attacks have been widely described as genocide, including by the US State Department

To mark the third anniversary of the genocide perpetrated against the Yezidis, the Free Yezidi Foundation and the American Ezidi Center call upon concerned citizens to join the vigil and express support and solidarity with Yezidis.

Survivors of the Yezidi genocide face immense challenges in trying to rebuild their lives. Sadly, even upon the liberation of Mosul, thousands of Yezidis are still held captive by ISIS terrorists in various towns in Syria. Meanwhile, survivors seek to improve their lives, despite three years of displacement. Most Yezidis now live in IDP camps in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The Free Yezidi Foundation and the American Ezidi Center would also like to express support for other minority communities affected by the ISIS terror attacks, including Iraqi Christians, who have also suffered enormously.

For press inquiries, please contact

Khairi Shammo –
Pari Ibrahim –

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