Political outsider, successful business leader, and Republican nominee for governor Glenn Youngkin’s campaign manager Mark Campbell issued the following statement:

“Undefeated debate champion Glenn Youngkin put on a display and ran circles around a 43-year politician Terry McAuliffe, who has spent more time inside a debate hall than he has on a manufacturing floor or in a boardroom working to create jobs.

“Terry refused to answer questions about his past support to defund the police…and his crusade to eliminate right-to-work in Virginia.

“And in one of the most shocking and disqualifying statements ever made by a Virginia gubernatorial candidate trying to earn the votes of hard-working taxpayers, Terry McAuliffe had the nerve to say that “parents should [not] be telling schools what to teach. It’s clear that Terry believes that the unions he sold out to know what’s better for children than their parents.

“Despite Terry’s lies and excuses to distract from his extreme and dangerous record, Glenn was able to clearly describe his vision for Virginia, where our schools launch students to new heights, we reclaim our neighborhoods from the scourge of crime, and we add 400,000 jobs and 10,000 startups so we all can prosper and flourish.

“Terry McAuliffe was a disaster for Virginia and only offers recycled, failed policies for the challenges we face now. Giving Terry a second chance means our children will suffer, our economy will stay stalled, the cost of living will continue to skyrocket, and Virginians will be less safe.

“The choice is clear: Glenn Youngkin is the only candidate that will make Virginia the best place to live, work, and raise a family.”

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