The following are the 135 Republicans, many elected on promises to fight for gun owners, who voted for HR 4350, which included national “red flag” language allowing authorities to conduct gun confiscation raids on Americans’ homes without due process of law.

You can reach each of them at 202-225-3121 to let them know what you think.

Allen, Rick (GA 12th)
Amodei, Mark (NV 2nd)
Bacon, Don (NE 2nd)
Baird, James (IN 4th)
Balderson, Troy (OH 12th)
Banks, Jim (IN 3rd)
Barr, Andy (KY 6th)
Bentz, Cliff (OR 2nd)
Bergman, Jack (MI 1st)
Bice, Stephanie (OK 5th)
Bilirakis, Gus (FL 12th)
Bost, Mike (IL 12th)
Brady, Kevin (TX 8th)
Buchanan, Vern (FL 16th)
Bucshon, Larry (IN 8th)
Calvert, Ken (CA 42nd)
Cammack, Kat (FL 3rd)
Carl, Jerry (AL 1st)
Carter, Earl (GA 1st)
Carter, John (TX 31st)
Cawthorn, David (NC 11th)
Cheney, Liz (WY)
Cole, Tom (OK 4th)
Crawford, Eric (AR 1st)
Crenshaw, Dan (TX 2nd)
Davis, Rodney (IL 13th)
DesJarlais, Scott (TN 4th)
Diaz-Balart, Mario (FL 25th)
Dunn, Neal (FL 2nd)
Ellzey, Jake (TX 6th)
Fallon, Pat (TX 4th)
Feenstra, Randy (IA 4th)
Ferguson, Drew (GA 3rd)
Fitzgerald, Scott (WI 5th)
Fitzpatrick, Brian (PA 1st)
Fleischmann, Chuck (TN 3rd)
Foxx, Virginia (NC 5th)
Franklin, Scott (FL 15th)
Gaetz, Matt (FL 1st)
Gallagher, Mike (WI 8th)
Garbarino, Andrew (NY 2nd)
Garcia, Mike (CA 25th)
Gibbs, Bob (OH 7th)
Gimenez, Carlos (FL 26th)
Gonzales, Tony (TX 23rd)
Gonzalez, Anthony (OH 16th)
Granger, Kay (TX 12th)
Graves, Garret (LA 6th)
Graves, Sam (MO 6th)
Green, Mark (TN 7th)
Guthrie, Brett (KY 2nd)
Harshbarger, Diana (TN 1st)
Hartzler, Vicky (MO 4th)
Herrera Beutler, Jaime (WA 3rd)
Hill, French (AR 2nd)
Hinson, Ashley (IA 1st)
Hollingsworth, Trey (IN 9th)
Hudson, Richard (NC 8th)
Issa, Darrell (CA 50th)
Jackson, Ronny (TX 13th)
Jacobs, Chris (NY 27th)
Johnson, Bill (OH 6th)
Johnson, Dusty (SD)
Johnson, Mike (LA 4th)
Joyce, David (OH 14th)
Joyce, John (PA 13th)
Katko, John (NY 24th)
Keller, Fred (PA 12th)
Kelly, Mike (PA 16th)
Kelly, Trent (MS 1st)
Kim, Young (CA 39th)
Kinzinger, Adam (IL 16th)
Kustoff, David (TN 8th)
LaHood, Darin (IL 18th)
Lamborn, Doug (CO 5th)
Latta, Robert (OH 5th)
LaTurner, Jake (KS 2nd)
Letlow, Julia (LA 5th)
Long, Billy (MO 7th)
Lucas, Frank (OK 3rd)
Luetkemeyer, Blaine (MO 3rd)
Mace, Nancy (SC 1st)
Malliotakis, Nicole (NY 11th)
Mann, Tracey (KS 1st)
McCarthy, Kevin (CA 23rd)
McCaul, Michael (TX 10th)
McClain, Lisa (MI 10th)
McHenry, Patrick (NC 10th)
McKinley, David (WV 1st)
Meijer, Peter (MI 3rd)
Meuser, Daniel (PA 9th)
Miller-Meeks, Mariannette (IA 2nd)
Miller, Carol (WV 3rd)
Moolenaar, John (MI 4th)
Moore, Blake (UT 1st)
Murphy, Gregory (NC 3rd)
Newhouse, Dan (WA 4th)
Nunes, Devin (CA 22nd)
Obernolte, Jay (CA 8th)
Pence, Greg (IN 6th)
Pfluger, August (TX 11th)
Reed, Tom (NY 23rd)
Reschenthaler, Guy (PA 14th)
Rodgers, Cathy (WA 5th)
Rogers, Hal (KY 5th)
Rogers, Mike (AL 3rd)
Rouzer, David (NC 7th)
Salazar, Maria (FL 27th)
Scalise, Steve (LA 1st)
Scott, Austin (GA 8th)
Simpson, Mike (ID 2nd)
Smith, Adrian (NE 3rd)
Smith, Chris (NJ 4th)
Spartz, Victoria (IN 5th)
Stauber, Pete (MN 8th)
Steel, Michelle (CA 48th)
Stefanik, Elise (NY 21st)
Steil, Bryan (WI 1st)
Tenney, Claudia (NY 22nd)
Thompson, Glenn (PA 15th)
Turner, Michael (OH 10th)
Upton, Fred (MI 6th)
Valadao, David (CA 21st)
Van Drew, Jefferson (NJ 2nd)
Van Duyne, Beth (TX 24th)
Wagner, Ann (MO 2nd)
Walberg, Tim (MI 7th)
Walorski, Jackie (IN 2nd)
Waltz, Michael (FL 6th)
Wenstrup, Brad (OH 2nd)
Westerman, Bruce (AR 4th)
Wilson, Joe (SC 2nd)
Wittman, Robert (VA 1st)
Womack, Steve (AR 3rd)
Young, Don (AK)

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