When Charlene Carter, a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines was fired in 2017, it raised a number of questions and concerns about how and why this happened. Carter had recently quit the Transport Workers Union Local 556 after voicing her opinions on why she didn’t like being forced to pay fees to union bosses pushing issues that had nothing to do with her job. So there was reason to believe that her firing was in retaliation to her opposition to the union president. Much of this controversy had to do with political and religious disagreements between Carter and the union president, allegedly challenging Carter’s rights to free speech and religion. As a result of the multitude of issues Carter faced with the union and its leadership, she filed a lawsuit shortly after.

Now, the union that once supposedly represented Charlene Carter and every other Southwest flight attendant is trying to get her case thrown out completely. They are doing everything they can to protect themselves and their image.


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