Go here now to tell Congress: Impeach Biden!

Club for Growth PAC released a new poll showing the Republicans are well positioned to retake the US House of Representatives in 2022 and Biden’s far-left tax and spend proposals will hurt him and his party at the ballot box.

Fox’s Paul Steinhauser published an exclusive report on the poll.

“Under Joe Biden, the Democratic party has lost a significant amount of ground with voters,” said David McIntosh, President, Club for Growth PAC. “His proposals on social engineering, climate, voting, and $3 trillion in new taxes along with his abysmal leadership on Afghanistan and education will likely cost his party the House in 2022.”

Key Takeaways:

Republicans pulled to within two points on the generic congressional ballot by late July, a position that would correlate with likely retaking the House, particularly with a bump from redistricting.

With mounting inflation and a public policy agenda driven by borrow-and-spend programs, Joe Biden’s approval rating had already shrunk by late July to below 50%.

Voters view inflation, ballooning deficits, and high taxes as the biggest problems today.

Voters support making the middle-class tax cuts permanent and stopping the massive proposed Democratic tax hikes.

Voters overwhelmingly support ending continuous deficit spending and requiring a balanced federal budget.

A super-majority of voters also support reducing out-of-control spending to stop runaway inflation, including cutting the unspent money from Biden’s previous two trillion-dollar spending bill.

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