U.S. Representative Barry Moore (AL-02) issued the following statement after President Biden announced sweeping new vaccine mandates on American citizens.

“President Biden’s federal vaccine mandate is yet another breathtaking and blatantly unconstitutional power-grab by an out-of-control Administration. The Biden Administration’s statement that issuing vaccine mandates was ‘not the role of the federal government’ has now been revealed as a barefaced lie, just like the President’s claim that he had a plan for Afghanistan. It is clear to Americans and our allies abroad that deceit, ineptitude, and even subversion are at the foundation of this Administration.

“The nation that Americans have defended for over two centuries is under siege from within, and Americans will not and must not allow it to continue unchallenged. If Joe Biden does not step down, Congress must immediately move to impeach him before he causes more irreversible damage to our economy, freedoms, and global prestige.”

-Rep Barry Moore

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