For years now, job seekers have been fleeing Forced Unionism states. And it’s no surprise as to why. Workers make less in Forced-Unionism states, and they still have to pay into the pockets of Big Labor. And the number of job seekers moving out of Forced Unionism states and into Right to Work states only continues to grow.

In an Op-Ed piece in CNS News, Stan Greer goes over a few key statistics, addressing the problem we’re seeing:

Between 2015 and 2016 alone, forced-unionism states lost a net total of $24.3 billion in adjusted gross income due to taxpayer flight to Right to Work states. The most recent available migration data, for the Tax Filing Year 2019, confirm that the cost of taxpayer flight is mounting for the 23 remaining forced-unionism states. […]

“A net total of roughly 212,000 tax filers moved from a forced-unionism state to a Right to Work state between 2018 and 2019. […]

Personal income tax filers moving out of a forced-unionism state between 2018 and 2019 reported a total of $150.5 billion in income in 2019, or $85,609 per filer. Tax filers moving into a forced-unionism state reported a total of $119.2 billion in income, or $77,090 per filer.”

Stan Greer, in CNS News

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