Education and Labor Committee Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC) applauded the Education Department’s announcement today that it will not give preferential treatment to federal grant applicants with the intention of  pushing Critical Race Theory. The announcement comes after Foxx urged Secretary Cardona to withdraw its American History and Civics Education programs priorities that advance racist and divisive ideologies.

“The voices of parents and students were finally heard at the Department of Education,” said Republican Leader Foxx. “While I am doubtful that Secretary Cardona plans to abandon the administration’s crusade to push Critical Race Theory in our public schools, I applaud the move not to give overt preferential treatment to federal grant applicants seeking to advance anti-American agendas. But let me be clear: the Department of Education changed its approach to grant funding because parents, students, and Republican leaders stood up in defense of our nation’s history and legacy. I will continue to keep a close eye on this process to hold the administration accountable and reject any proposals that divide us as a nation.”


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