Go to https://www.bettereconomy.org/stonemanning tell the Senate to stop Biden’s ecoterrorist nominee!

Rep. Lauren Boebert joined Congresswoman Yvette Herrell and 13 other members of Congress in calling on Senator Joe Manchin to halt the confirmation of ecoterrorist Ms. Tracy Stone-Manning as the Director of the Bureau of Land Management.

Rep. Boebert stated: “Joe Biden should pull his nomination of a proven ecoterrorist to lead the Bureau of Land Management. Tracy Stone-Manning is a radicalized extremist who believes that babies are a cancer to the earth, that ranchers are destroying the West, that land management decisions are best made by bureaucrats in D.C., and that using violent tactics like tree spiking is justified in the name of environmentalism. Her criminal involvement in ecoterrorist activities is so extreme that even Obama’s Bureau of Land Management director called on Biden to withdraw her nomination. America does not negotiate with terrorists, and it certainly shouldn’t appoint one to lead a federal agency.”


In May, Stone-Manning lied to the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and stated that she had never been arrested, charged, or been the target of a criminal investigation.

This is a blatant lie. In 1989, Stone-Manning was the target of a federal grand jury investigation into ecoterrorist activity that included deadly tree spiking in Clearwater National Forest. In 1993, Stone-Manning testified that she sent a threatening letter to the U.S. Forest Service regarding the tree spiking, stating: “This letter is being sent to notify you that the Post Office Sale has been spiked heavily. The reasoning for this action is that this piece of land is very special to the earth. The sales were marked so that no workers would be injured and so that you assholes know they are spiked. You bastards go in there anyway and a lot of people could get hurt.”

In exchange for testifying in the 1993 case, federal law enforcement agents granted Stone-Manning immunity, so we will never know just how involved she was in this ecoterrorist activity, but one thing is clear—she unequivocally threatened the lives of federal employees and loggers. This alone should forever disqualify her from any federal job.

The Washington Post reported, “Tree spikes are among the most vicious of [ecoterrorist] strategies. While the tree is still in the forest, the spike is driven in at an angle so the head is hidden in the bark. It can shatter a chain saw on impact, sending pieces of razor-sharp steel flying.” Lumber Mill worker George Alexander experienced the tragic consequences of tree spiking in 1987 while he was splitting logs and a tree spike caused his saw to explode—slashing his face from eye to chin, breaking his teeth, and cutting his jaw in half. Tree spiking is a deadly matter, but environmental extremist groups like Earth First call it “fun.”

In February 2002, the House Committee on Natural Resources held a hearing about ecoterrorism where tree spiking was referenced several times. The hearing also included several mentions about the radical group, Earth First!. This organization produced publications where Stone-Manning is listed as an editor. The June 1991 edition includes articles titled “A Need for Creative [Civil Disobedience],” “Earth First! Military Tactics,” and “Harmony: The Myth of Peace, The Return of Balance.” These articles embrace extreme views, instructing readers, “[t]he limits to which you can go in physically disrupting this stage of the battle are limited only by your imagination and courage.” This type of extremism has no place in the Department of Interior’s ranks.

Stone-Manning’s condemnation of babies and her defense of violence as a valid tactic to save trees demonstrate that she values trees above human life. She lacks the moral capacity or leadership to direct a federal agency, and she belongs in a hippie van or in prison—not in the Bureau of Land Management.


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