Indicted ISIS conspirator Heather Elizabeth Coffman of Virginia

ISIS isn’t infiltrating the US through immigration.

It’s recruiting our own people.

The Chicago Project on Security and Threats reports that of the 112 individuals arrested in the US for ISIS-related activities from March 2014 to August 2016:

* 83% were US citizens
* 65% were US citizens born in the United States
* 3% were refugees
* Only one was a refugee who arrived after 1999, an Iraqi who arrived in 2012.
* 51% of those who planned to attack the US had recently converted to Islam (Only 23% of American Muslims are converts)
* 83% were radicalized by watching online propaganda videos

Among ISIS domestic terrorists, US citizens outnumber refugees 31 to 1.

The average ISIS-linked domestic terrorist is a native-born U.S. citizen who wasn’t even Muslim until less than a year ago and became radicalized by watching YouTube videos.

ISIS isn’t infiltrating the US through immigration, it’s recruiting our own people. You defeat ISIS in the US by cutting off the propaganda at the source.

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